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No amount of telling people what to do can compare with the results when people 'discover' things for themselves.​

- Kurt Lewin

Happy Family


 Play is a non-threatening way for the family to talk about issues like finding solutions to current challenges, change management, succession plans, etc. without being directly personal. In our experience, play and game-based activities instantly lighten the mood. It breaks down barriers between people, and they start opening up to one another, to new experiences, and even to themselves.  We often hear statements like, "We haven't laughed this much in a long time!" and "I can't remember the last time we played together!" What follows, then, is an openness and a willingness to venture out of their individual and collective comfort zones.


Play also becomes a way for family members to check how they interact with one another in various situations: How do we manage stress together? Are we able to communicate well in a critical, high-stakes project? How do we take care of each other's well-being while being on-task? Who functions as our CEO (Chief Emotional Officer)?


In the words of one of our partner consultants, Jacob Cabochan, "Play as a tool is effective because it appeals to and engages both the young and the young at heart alike. It bridges generation gap, takes advantage of mindset differences and explores varied experiences. It also stimulates communication because play, when carefully crafted, easily breaks down barriers and walls faster than guide questions in general."



Let's take your business to the next level. At the Guarrine Group, we help groups get re-energized using an experiential curriculum that is tailor-made to your company culture. We’re proud to help facilitate clients' growth with shared experiences that not only build better team connections, but also allow them to work better together.

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  • Communication

  • Strengths-Based Leadership

Little boy like a boss at the table coun


How much can children learn about money management in 2 hours? A lot! Especially if they are playing and having fun. THE VILLAGE is a game-based workshop that gives the children the experience of managing a month's worth of salary from their job. Will they have some savings or will their expenditures deplete their funds?

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