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Anbern R Guarrine call herself a "Facilitator of Family Play." By facilitating games, she helps participants gain insights about their strengths, their relationship with peers, and how they can use their skills to move forward in their professional and professional life. Specifically, she helps families have difficult conversations around business and family governance structures, and help them come up with agreements to navigate to their desired future. She is also passionate about financial literacy for little ones, and facilitates visioning and money management workshops for graders.


As a partner in the Guarrine Group, Anbern enjoys challenging herself by taking on uninteresting topics and developing them into fun, game-based learning modules. She is Gallup trained in Strengths Coaching, has received the Family Firm Institute (FFI) Certificate in Family Business Advising, is currently a member of the FFI Midwest Chapter Executive Committee, and is an active member of Chicago's Family Advisory Council. She enjoys sharing best practices with professionals of various disciplines, and continually grows her understanding of the consulting space.


During her downtime, she enjoys introducing edible flowers and native plants in her garden, planning adventures with her twin daughters, and watching the fireflies at night with her husband, John.


John Guarrine has over 30 years of experience as an experiential educator. He has worked as the director of Sunrise Lake Outdoor Education Center (SLOEC) for 28 years. At SLOEC, he designed and implemented programming for groups ranging from early childhood through senior citizens of all abilities. He also has over 25 years of experience as a corporate team building consultant working with all levels employees from entry level to experienced CEO’s. He also served as Play for Peace Chair of the Board for 8 years. Play for Peace is a global non-profit organization, that promotes cooperative play to promote laughter, compassion and peace.

As a consultant and coach with the Guarrine group, he draws on his years of experience as Special Education teacher, Outdoor Educator, and school administrator to help individuals and groups make the unconscious conscious so that they can successfully become the persons and groups they hope to be.

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