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Conversation Starters

If you want to continue the conversation with your children, 

here are some ideas to incorporate Money Management in your daily life.

4 to 6 year olds
Decorating easter Eggs
  • In your next grocery run, before putting an item into the shopping cart, talk about whether it is a need or want.

  • Encourage your child to think how s/he can earn money this summer.

  • How does the family decide what is important (i.e, needs vs wants).

7 to 12 year olds
Thick Frames
  •  How do you decide how much of your money goes into the spend, save, share jars?​

  • How can you earn to grow the money in your jars?

  • Do a coin rubbing with child and decide who to mail it to  and see how far their coin can go. (Reference: Flat Stanley) 

Male Student
  • Share with your child your family budget. Include how you decided what it should be and how you manage it.

  • Share with your child how you chose your current profession.

  • Start a family discussion on individual needs and wants. Include the collective needs and wants of the family unit.

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