doing work together


PLAY is the exultation of what is possible.

Martin Buber


Play promotes empathy,  creativity, and conversations.

The Guarrine Group offers experiential workshops to get people to talk to each other, get to know each other's strengths and build stronger connections.

Tapping the positive impact of laughing together, tGG uses activities that bring real-life metaphors to light. Such experiences are powerful tools that can teach individuals and groups about themselves and their world. Because they had fun while learning, participants have a stronger commitment to apply their insights.


Helping families plan for success

Play can teach individuals and groups about themselves and their world. Harnessing the power of play, the Guarrine Group brings out lightheartedness in participants that allow them to see metaphors for real life application.

If play among members of a group of strangers can provide positive results in learning, how much more impact can it produce when done among family members?

Painted Heart


Making connections count

Play is an innovative methodology that has versatile applications for a team's different learning goals. It can be used for facilitating insight for planning, team building, crafting a team vision, etc.

tGG's incorporation of fun paves the way to an atmosphere of positivity and bonding, helping the team become more productive.